Who We Are

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National Society of Professional Engineers-UPRM

The National Society of Professional Engineers-UPRM Chapter (NSPE-UPRM) was established on August 2011 at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus by a group of engineering students that identified the need to develop professional skills in order to succeed in the engineering field. Since it's beginnings, the NSPE-UPRM have been taking on the task of providing professional development opportunities to all of it's members and since 2011 we have been forging the path for professional success to our engineering students.





Our vision is to create a system of continuous training and education for each engineering student by developing the necessary skills needed for them to excel in the professional practice of engineering. We are committed to develop each interested member, one by one. As a National Organization, the NSPE is the recognized voice and advocate of licensed Professional Engineers.




Our mission is to enhance the image of our members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering through leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach.

As a National Organization, the NSPE, in partnership with the State Societies, is the organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) and Engineer Interns (EIs). Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.




What makes us different?

              Our work culture.

A Message From Our CEO
Juan Escobar Jr. 

The NSPE is an organization that has conquered, time in and time out. Always doing its best with what it had. No matter what tribulation came its way, the NSPE has overcome all obstacles. Why has the NSPE been able to do this? Because of its ability to harmonize.


When thinking about harmony, one usually always thinks about music and how well the notes go together. However, I see it as a tactic to be able to bring people to a common goal and work towards the continuous success of NSPE-UPRM. We have always been able to stay in harmony with our teams, and I believe that is what separates us from anyone else. Our chapter was founded on the belief of being able to create your own opportunities, become a better professional, learn skills that you cannot learn in any other experience: and, most importantly, become a better you. With our numerous amount of events, our 150+ membership, 2 design projects, 2 leadership development programs, and 8 different branches, NSPE-UPRM’s harmony is as beautiful as ever.


Sallust, a Roman historian and politician, once said, “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” The harmony that exists in NSPE-UPRM will always continue to grow and be in tune, and with it, we will create a masterpiece that will transcend for years to come. NSPE-UPRM is, and always will be, here to help each and every student eliminate their biggest fear, and live their biggest dream.

Our Strategy
Enhancing our member’s value in four main areas:

  • Leadership & Teamwork


  • Outreach & Membership Exposure

  • Professional Education

  • Social & Community Service




Our Values


The National Society is attached to the following values:


• Protection of public welfare above all other considerations.

• Ethical and competent practice of engineering.

• Innovation through the creative application of math, science and engineering.

• The PE license as the highest standard of professionalism in engineering.

• Continuous learning for professional growth.

• Growth in the number of licensed Professional Engineers.

• Teamwork, unity and fellowship of all PEs across all disciplines.

• Commitment to the future of licensed Professional Engineers.




A Video From Us Just For You

NSPE UPRM stands out on its own. Not only because it is one of the best engineering organizations at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, but because our diversity and our commitment to be more like each one of you is part of our goal. We want you to be in a different and diverse environment, full of collaboration, ideas, and creativity. Just like color ads life to everything we do, we want to give color to your career preparation while you study at UPRM.