The Corporate Development Program (CDP) is a one-year, rigorous rotational program that focuses on developing leaders within the NSPE-UPRM. The program is designed to develop the leadership and teamwork traits in young UPRM engineering undergraduates while providing exposure to key functions, corporate knowledge and networking opportunities in the NSPE-UPRM. We will provide you with the tools to thrive in the engineering industry via our accelerated growth program.

Key Aspects 



  • At least three years of extracurricular experience

  • Professional training in a simulated corporate environment

  • Opportunity to build a strong network of professionals and future professionals

  • Mentoring and coaching that will allow to build your career

  • Cross-functional projects within the NSPE

  • Leadership and Teamwork Skills Training

  • Communication Skills Training

  • A lot more!

Program Criteria



  • Student must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering

  • Student must be enrolled in its Freshman (1st), Sophomore (2nd), or Junior (3rd) year

  • Student must be enrolled in a complete academic-year in the UPRM

  • Student must be a member of the NSPE-UPRM

  • Student must have no previous professional experience

corporate development program

Communicate the Vision

Lead the Change

Execute with Excellence

Imagine the future



The application process for the 2016-2017 semester is open.

If you want more information about the program please send us a message!

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